A Generation Ahead has been proven through the ingenious inventiveness of SunStar Wolff engineers! The new SunStar ZX 30 high output "total surround" computer-designed tunnel and mainframe integrates steel and DuraMax 2000 co-polymer materials to solidly position it as one of the strongest tanning beds in today's market!

Another major step into the 21st century is the ZX30's reflector system technology that increases efficiency and reduces maintenance! Plus, the ZX30 delivers up to 20 percent more tanning power than any conventional 24-lamp unit!

This unit's new Quick-Clip acrylic removal system allows you to easily slide acrylics out in one step for easy bed maintenance and an after-tan cooling system keeps the bed in optimum working condition!

An industry leader, the ZX30's real-time computer controlled remote system communicates with the T-Max System to keep track of session counts, bulb hours, automatic bed turn-on and other functions resulting in superb session scheduling and bed management!

The SunStar ZX30 is the SUPER tanning bed whose generation is here!


Overall Size: 86.5" x 40"
Minimum Room Size Required:
9' x 7'

Electrical Requirements:

1-220 VOLT Dedicated Circuit
1-30 AMP Circuit Breaker

Does NOT come with a plug - must be hard wire directly to junction box.

IMPORTANT: Voltage must be below 230 VAC or may require Buck Booster



  • Bio-Tech tunnel design surrounds tanners for fast, consistently dark all-over tanning results.
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel mainframe with durable, long-lasting DuraMax 2000 polymer exterior for easy maintenance and long life.
  • New Quick-Clip acrylic removal system on the canopy and the bench makes changing your lamps and reflectors easier than ever before. Just snap the clip open and slide your acrylic out.
  • 30 super-efficient, high-output 100-watt Wolff lamps shower the user with UV light for a fast, dark, full-body tan.
  • A wider, curved seven-foot tanning surface offers all-around tanning in a comfortable resting position.
  • Staggered lamp design puts more lamps over the facial area for extended tanning coverage.
  • Three optional SolarMax IFT face tanners (ZX 30 3F) angled to provide full-face coverage, will deliver up to 1.200 watts of tanning power.
  • Exclusively designed acrylic sheets allow the maximum amount of UV penetration for more tanning power.
  • Specially glossed Optiflect aluminum reflectors for maximum tanning power and efficiency.
  • Super-flow internal cooling fans assure maximum performance.
  • Advanced after-tan cooling system quickly renews lamp temperature and tanning environment.
  • Efficient choke ballasts utilize only proven technology and have some of the lowest failure rates in the industry.
  • High-tech digital timer & hour meter provide easy monitoring.
  • Remote hookup available.
  • Optional AM-FM cassette player puts tanners in tune with their own private paradise.
  • A standard limited lifetime warranty protects your investment and gives you peace of mind.

  Quick Clip easy removal system!

Quip Clip acrylic removal system makes maintenance easier than ever before

High-Tech Digital Timer!

High-Tech Digital Timer is easy to read and operate from inside the bed

ZX 30 3F


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